The challenges of the construction industry

Today, a boom of UAV use is being seen across many industries, including the construction industry, as the technology has reached a maturity level that makes it both user-friendly and inexpensive. Innovators, such as Trinova, are discovering a multitude of uses for UAVs. Advances in cameras, sensing, aeronautics, and navigation technologies have helped make UAVs affordable, reliable and easy to operate.

train station progress
large construction site

Specifically within the construction industry, Detailed Terrain Models (DTMs) allow professionals to see how the works are progressing and how efficiently tasks are undertaken. This technology is ideal for monitoring progress on long road projects and pipeline projects as well as large building sites.

Trinova undertakes serveral aerial surveys in the construction industry to significantly increase following tasks.

  • Progress reporting
  • Visual inspections
  • Site Management
  • As build documentation
  • Tracking stored material
  • Safety monitoring
  • 3D building models
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Scanning RFID tags on material