Oil, Gas & Chemical



Within the Oil, Gas and Chemical industry the uptime of production is critical to the profitability of the operations. These manufacturers are beginning to implement drone programs around the world, providing engineers an early opportunity to use smart sensors to “sniff” out leaks, locate faults with precision, inspect facilities, equipment, drilling rigs and pipelines, and assess structural health or damage. Drones are quick to get into the air and don’t require safety nets, while providing live imaging and surveying. Drones counter the dangerous and cost-inefficient detection solutions, such as scaffolding or deploying helicopter operations.

Trinova conducts close visual and thermal inspections and surveys of high, live and difficult to reach structures at onshore and offshore oil, gas and chemical installations, including SEVESO plants using drone operations.

With the latest visual and thermal technologies at hand, Trinova guarantees accuracies of less than 1 mm and less than 0,015°K when performing inspections. These accuracies are required for several applications, such as gas detection and identification of structural damages.

  • Gas detection and identification of hydrocarbon leaks
  • Aerial surveillance, firefighting, chemical detection for site protection
  • Locate fault with high precision
  • Maintenance progress reporting, assess structural health or damage

All flights are executed with the highest level of secured equipment and trained personnel employing rigid operational procedures.